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At the age of fifteen I contracted acute rheumatic fever, was in quarantine the first three days of the twelve days I was hospitalized. From that moment on was doomed to have a different life than most other people, I was a “severe” medical risk, a time bomb set in slow motion. At that time I did not know what was in store for me, though I was told some scary stories and that I wouldn’t live past the age of 45. And if I did live past that, it would only because I would have had parts of my heart, if not my whole heart replaced.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Letter to the Editor of the Denver Post

I just sent this to the Denver Post a few minutes ago. Let’s hope they post this!

To the Denver Post and all its’ readers:

As a citizen and long-time resident of Colorado I find it quite ironic and disturbing that though I have the right to choose how I live my life while I am alive, I have little to no rights to choose how I die though I am terminally ill and mentally competent. Ironic in the fact that the bordering states of New Mexico and Montana have these rights, but yet the state leading the nation with medical and recreational rights for marijuana have nothing in place for its’ dying Patients. This is indeed a shame and a crime.

Why must I commit a crime as my last act on this planet when I go? Is it criminal to die in peace, to die with dignity? This is a question that we Coloradoians must ask and put forth to our legislators! In Oregon for instance, your doctor can just prescribe the Nembutal (pento barbital) that you take to put you into a deep sleep and then a painless, peaceful death. But there is no way that I can legally obtain this necessary prescription here in Colorado so that I might have a dignified death too.

I’ve lived a good life and accomplished things that many others would only imagine doing. Now I should be allowed to go when my body says “Quit!” rather than having to go through a very painful and ugly form of death. Please contact your local and state legislators about this subject because sooner or later it will effect your life at least once.

This is the story of my dying struggles here in Colorado:

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