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At the age of fifteen I contracted acute rheumatic fever, was in quarantine the first three days of the twelve days I was hospitalized. From that moment on was doomed to have a different life than most other people, I was a “severe” medical risk, a time bomb set in slow motion. At that time I did not know what was in store for me, though I was told some scary stories and that I wouldn’t live past the age of 45. And if I did live past that, it would only because I would have had parts of my heart, if not my whole heart replaced.

Robert M's First Call Into The Norman Goldman Show

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today I speak on the Norman Goldman Show again!

The news that I read today about the ruling in New Mexico yesterday makes me both joyous and sad at the same time. Joyous over the fact that yet another state in this nation is giving its' citizens the right to die with dignity. At the same time I am very sadden by the fact that now I am almost surrounded by states bordering my State of Colorado, New Mexico to the south, Montana to the north and then not too far to the west are both Washington and Oregon.

How is it so that the people in those states have the right to die with dignity and yet I do not? This is the very question I posed on this audio segment:

Ah, the everyday life of dying slowly. I'm on food stamps now and today I had to go into the giant federal building in Denver for SNAP and many other programs. They wanted me to go through EMPLOYMENT ORIENTATION TRAINING! Hello!

I've been asked by several people why would I have my doctor write me a letter stating that I am dying soon? For exactly these reasons! You don't get "dying papers" when you die, do you? There's paperwork once you're gone. That can't work now!

BTW, I can work and I am looking for work, but it has to be web work and only small projects, like simple Facebook apps and the like that I can handle as it is getting tougher and tougher to concentrate and use my software these days. At the moment I have almost zero income coming in and I do not get unemployment and would never qualify.

But who wants to hire someone to do web work when they are going to be dead soon and then just imagine the communication problems that there would be should they ever need me to do an edit!

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